About Carl's Carpet & Upholstery

When you're looking for the right company to clean your carpeting and upholstery, it can be confusing. You want to be sure to make the right choice, after all, you've invested a lot of time, love, and money into your home and you want it to be properly cared for. You can be sure that whatever your cleaning needs are, we're qualified to handle them. Our trained technicians have been serving our Clients for several years, we'll take good care of your treasured interiors. We employ caring and certified technicians, who share our dedication of quality and integrity, which insures our clients get the best value for their money. We have established a strong reputation in the community by providing personal attention and quality service. We go out of our way to ensure our customers are pleased with the services we provide. The majority of our Customers are repeat or come to us by referral.


Choosing the Right Professional for the Job

Discount companies depend on making volume sales rather than establishing ongoing client relationships. They typically spray soap on your carpet, suck up the water and are gone in 30 minutes. These services leave behind a soap residue that will actually attract dirt to your carpet. Those three rooms for 50 bucks offers also get them into your house so they can sell you high-priced add-ons like spot removal and deodorizers services that Carl's include for free. Carl's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning charges according to the type of carpeting or upholstery, the services you need and the size of the job. On average, the entire process can take between one and three hours. Carl's Carpet & Upholstery provides different rates for Steam Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing or Deep Cleaning and deodorizer is always included in the service.


Carl's Carpet & Upholstery specializes in high rise buildings. We are able to bring our complete line of services to any floor in your building with our state of the art portable steam cleaning system and carpet shampooing units. Every one of our jobs is individually customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. Though the methods and cleaning agents may vary from customer to customer, the process itself always remains consistent. Routine steam cleaning not only leaves your carpet cleaner, brighter, and free of allergens and pollutants, it is now required by many leading carpet manufacturers to maintain warranty compliance. Your carpet cleaning comes with a 10-day guarantee. If you're not satisfied after your cleaning, just call us within 10 days and we'll come back. That's our promise to you that you'll always get carpet cleaning that leaves you satisfied.

  • Steam Cleaning $35.00 per room 10x20 includes Deodorizer
  • Shampoo &
    Deep Clean
    $45.00 per room 10x20 includes Deodorizer
    Recommended for heavily stained or soild carpets
  • Pet Stain Removal $15.00 - includes Anti Bacterial Treatment & Deodorizer
  • Area Rugs $5.00 Small 6x8, $15.00 Large
  • Upholstery Cleaning $65.00 Sofa (3 cushions)
    $50.00 Love Seat (2 cushions)
    $120.00 Sectional
    $2.00 Small Pillows, $5.00 Large Pillows, $10.00 XL Pillows
    $5.00 Dinett Chairs
    $35.00 Over Stuffed Chairs
    $25.00 Ottoman